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    • Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) production under drought and heat stress – adverse effects, mechanisms and mitigation: a review 

      El Sabagh, A.; Hossain, A.; Barutçular, Celaleddin; Islam, M. S; Awan, S. I.; Galal, A.; Iqbal, M. A.; Sytar, O.; Yıldırım, Mehmet; Meena, R. S.; Fahad, S.; Najeeb, U.; Konuşkan, Ömer; Habib, R. A.; Llanes, A.; Hussain, S.; Farooq, M.; Hasanuzzaman, M.; Abdelaal, K. H.; Hafez, Y.; Çığ, Fatih (ALÖKI Applied Ecological Research and Forensic Institute Ltd., 2019)
      . Heat and drought stresses are the most important abiotic factors that reduce crops productivity by affecting various physiological and biochemical processes. Thus, selecting cultivars with better drought or heat stress ...